StreetBall: Paintball League

2v2 StreetBall

Welcome to StreetBall, this Paintball League is dedicated to those that wish to start to compete in a fun, yet competitive nature.

2017 will launch the first season of StreetBall and it will be rolled out in sections, starting with Friday Evenings from 6pm-8pm*.

StreetBall will be an evolving league, played by players, run by players, if rules require tweaking, they will be voted on and tweaked.  This league is being put together based on player feedback, players want to keep cost low but play more, and we believe this is the best compromise.

If you have ever player an event in the past at MARKED then you know we are all about the players, this league will have online stats and a play-off bracket in the end as it gets going, right now there will be a round robin format with playoffs every night, come test your skills and get signed up!

Game Nights: Friday Games Start at 6:30 SHARP! (Gates open at 5:30)

Team Sign up: $20*

Paint Price: $20 Per Bag

Game Format: 2v2 Game Play (Roster Max 4)

Game Time: NLX Style 2v2 3min, Points, Double Deck

Game Style: SpeedBall – Player in Domination

Limited Space per week, first 8 teams to sign up, there will be 1 random team created, so you can sign up as individuals if you do not have a team.

***Paint cannot be saved or used for any other day, HST not included in any pricing.