Restriction: MPL

Welcome to RESTRICTION:MPL, this league will be rolled out into seasons, starting with Spring 2017, players to compete in a Milsim Style Format, rules to follow and tweaked over time.

The concept behind this league is to set out the cost and allow players to be strategic with their game based on the limited ammo they will receive for each game and carry forward the amount they require per mission.

At the start of each mission each team will receive one bag of paintballs (500balls), this will be divided up to your team as you choose, see limits on markers, hoppers and ammo carrying packs for more detail.

As the event moves forward before every mission you will receive an additional bag of 500 paintballs.  Paint from the previous mission maybe carried forward to the next in the same day, however paint cannot be carried forward to the next event day.

Teams can have a maximum roster of 10 players, only 5 players can be played during each mission.

More info to come…

R1 Mission League Nights

Team Cost: $500

Includes: Entry & Paint for all League Nights

Dates: TDA

Game Structure: Teams avg 5 matches per league night

Rules: TBA

Teams will play an average of 5 matches per league night, each match will avg 10mins** in mission game time.


*Dates are currently tentative and will be finalized shortly.

**10mins is the current format, but maybe tweaked depending on the demo results.