Size: 100,000+ Square Feet of playing field!

Games Style:  Demo Squad, Capture & Defend

Group Size: Best played with groups larger then 50+

Game Time: 10 minute games with respawn, VIP Escort


WasteLands Nuclear Radiation Levels have slowly been dropping, the site will be ready to explore shortly in September as the cure needs to be evacuated!

BioCorp has found some key core samples and must get them to the extraction point, but the A-5 SkyNomads have other plans for this sample, they want to turn it into a weapon!

Since the big nuclear explosion, the site has been mutated and continues to be changed over time, opened Sept 18th, 2016

Field Features

  • Fast action
  • Close, Medium & Long Range Combat
  • Long Range Strikes
  • Fun for all groups and ages
  • Who can play?  Beginner to Advanced