Rusty Glaze Speedball Clinic

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  • Date: July 08, 2017
  • Time: 9:00am
  • Field Layout: TBA
  • Rules: Download PDF
  • Registration Fee: $100
  • Paint Price: $60
  • Roster:
  • Sign-up Deadline: July 08, 2017
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Rusty Glaze is the active coach of San Diego Dynasty and in just a few short years he has lead the team to multiple championships, a series title and the 2015 World Cup title. Learn from a player who has done it all, from 13 years as an active player, over 5 years as a coach and he has taught over 45+ clinics world wide. Rusty Glaze utilizes his no nonsense business approach to training, preparation and winning.

Scott Graham #18 is currently playing his 2017 season with the Los Angeles Ironmen in the NXL.

Cody Chong #82 is currently playing with the Trade My Gun Outlaws, based out of Fort Wayne Indiana in the NXL.

The Clinic has been broken down into 2 Days, sign up now and call or email to secure your spot!

2 Day Clinic

Date: July 8th & 9th, 2017

Price: $100 (Before May 31st, 2017) $140 (June 1st, 2017)

Itinerary:   See Below

Paint: $60 per case CXBL Special Rate


Day 1 Package

Date: Saturday July 2nd, 2016

Start: 9:00 AM

Finish: 3:00PM

Paint: $60 per case CXBL Special Rate

Itinerary:   TBA


Day 2 Package

Date: Sunday July 3rd, 2016

Start: 9:00 AM

Finish: 3:00PM

Paint: $60 per case

Itinerary: Day 2 – Own The Game

Sunday will hone in on the various situations teams face during the game. There will be a big focus on team work and body situations. Each time a player gets shot during the game, the method of playing changes. You will learn to adapt rapidly and effectively. Winning situations is about control, and the way to keep that control comes through understanding, communication and positioning. Great players are constantly adapting the situation throughout the game. Starting from the end game and working backwards, you will become efficient, confident and better at every game situation you will face. You will not only learn how to win, but how to effectively execute the drills to win more.

 Clinic Details and Tips:

Clinic times go from 9:00am to 3:00pm with a break for lunch.

Participants are required to be at the field before clinic starts to be ready to play at the scheduled time and are required to have 1 full case of paint per day.

Fields will be set-up (inflated and staked) 1 hour prior to clinic start time and be reserved for the entire clinic duration (except 1 hour lunch).

Clinic participants should have working equipment and adequate protective gear (knee pads, elbow pads, gloves).